[Talk-in] Automating OSM translation into Indic languages

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Wed Apr 8 03:08:42 UTC 2015

On 8/04/2015 12:49 PM, Srikanth Lakshmanan wrote:
> Hello,
> I modified the script little and got a list of places with their 
> translated names. Gist and csv data files[1]. Change the bbox / query 
> params to get other names.
> Observations on the data:-
> 2 C. OSM data itself contains names in non latin script in name tags. 
> I didnt see much for Indian towns / cities, but it is the case for 
> many Bangladesh / Nepal towns. Is there a discussion about which 
> language should be used in name tag?

http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Key:name   Says

name=  "The common default name. (Note: For disputed areas, please use 
the name as displayed on e.g. street signs for the name tag. Put all 
alternatives into either localized name tags (e.g. name:tr/name:el) or 
the variants (e.g. loc_name/old_name/alt_name). Thank you.) "

alt_name= "another name or names by which the feature is known e.g. 
name=Field Fare Road and alt_name=Fieldfare Road, or name=University 
Centre and alt_name=Grad Pad"

alt_name_1=**"Additional alternative names. e.g. alt_name_2, 
alt_name_3,... Optionally combined with a language code as above"

And so on...
If the present name= is occupied .. then move the present value .. may 
be it is name:en=* ?
If the name is not on a street sign .. then I'd use what ever the 
majority of the locals use.

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