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Dear All,

Please find below a call for volunteers for a study on Street Vending in
Bangalore, by SELCO Foundation, Bangalore. Please write to Rachita, -
rachita at selcofoundation.org for further details.


*Call for Volunteers : Street Vending Mapping Project in  Bangalore*

Selco Foundation  is looking for volunteers to help map and profile the
vendors in an area in South Bangalore. The three day mapping exercise will
be conducted from 20-22 March 2015. A short orientation workshop will be
conducted on the first day to introduce the different mapping and survey
techniques to the volunteers.

Background: The Street Vendors (Protection of Livelihood and Regulation of
Street Vending) Act, 2014 is an Act of Parliament to regulate street
vendors in public areas and protect their rights. The act is aimed towards
providing the vendors with a sense of livelihood security as well as lay
out regulations for their regularization. Lack of documentation as well as
the growing apprehension towards the street vendors may result in the Act
being a liability rather than a security measure for the street vendors of

SELCO Foundation is conducting a detailed study looking at the vending
activities in a particular neighbourhood of South Bangalore. By documenting
the different typologies of vendors, as well as their processes, the
threats faced by them as well as their social and economic contribution to
the neighbourhood, the study aims to provide a deeper understanding into
their role in our societies.

Eligibility: No prior experience in mapping or survey exercises is

Fluency in Kannada will be desirable.

If interested, please drop in a mail at rachita at selcofoundation.org for
further details

Vinay K Sreenivasa
Alternative Law Forum
98805 95032
122/4, Infantry Road,
(Opposite Infantry Wedding Hall)
Bangalore 560001

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