[Talk-in] UN needs help mapping flooded parts of Chennai

srinivas kodali iota.kodali at gmail.com
Sat Nov 28 16:16:25 UTC 2015

Something I came across for flood mapping chennai

UN needs help in mapping flooded areas in Chennai city:

I work with UNOSAT, part of the UN institute for training and research in
Geneva. We mainly work with mapping disasters, both man-made and natural.
Here are two maps we have produced so far for the recent floods in Chennai:


As you can see, the waters within the city limits are hard to identify with
our satellite sensors. They work through clouds and even during night but
goes haywire with concrete.

What we are looking for is mainly pictures to assist us with ground truth.
We have our own free mobile app called UN-ASIGN, available in all platforms.




This app lets people to take pictures which are automatically geocoded with
lat,long and uploaded to our live map online. This will not only help us
improve the accuracy of satellite detected waters, but also for common
public and government (if they would) to learn more about the extent of
situation from the ground.

A small article can be found here:

I appreciate any help we can get, and since its my hometown, I am taking
personal efforts to collect more data from any source I can.

Even a single picture adds to the world map and makes a difference.

Thanks a lot ! Please feel free to mail back if you have any questions
jollylyphe at gmail.com

Srinivas Kodali
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