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Mon May 7 10:48:19 UTC 2018

*Hello, Everyone! Bengaluru is getting ready to host State of the Map
Asia[0] this year. We’re excited to bring the conference to the garden city
of India during November 17th –18th at the Indian Institute of Management,
Bangalore[1]. We'll have participants from around the world to discuss
challenges, learn, and celebrate many years of mapping together.The Call
for Proposals for the conference is open until June 10th midnight.[2] We
are focusing on the growing OSM communities in the region — both mappers
and users of the data. We invite inclusive and diverse participation to
broaden our understanding of the OSM community, and encourage a dialogue
driven by the unique needs of users in the Asia region. If you have a great
workshop idea, a story about working with OpenStreetMap in your local
community, or a project that you want to share with us, we would love to
hear from you, please apply[2]! The conference operates as a space for
collaboration and strengthening the community. We also understand that it
is expensive to fly around the world to support the community. However, we
believe financial constraints should not be the reason we don’t get to
interact with you. In hopes of helping you out a little more, we offer
scholarships to support participants to attend the conference[3]. The last
date to apply for scholarships is 11th May.If you are interested in helping
us support[4] travel and accommodation for participants from outside the
host city, write to us at stateofthemapasia (at) gmail (dot) com and we
will provide you with all the information needed to support the
conference.For all the announcements around the conference follow us on our
Medium publication[6] and Twitter[7]. Looking forward to seeing you all in
Bengaluru!Cheers,State of the Map Asia Organising
Team------------------------------[0] - http://stateofthemap.asia/
<http://stateofthemap.asia/> [1] - http://bit.ly/sotmasia2018
<http://bit.ly/sotmasia2018> [2] - http://bit.ly/sotmasia-cfp
<http://bit.ly/sotmasia-cfp> [3] - http://bit.ly/call-for-scholarships
<http://bit.ly/call-for-scholarships> [4] - http://bit.ly/sotm-sponsorship
<http://bit.ly/sotm-sponsorship> [5] -
<http://bit.ly/blog-state-of-the-map-asia> [6] -
<https://medium.com/state-of-the-map-asia> [7] -
https://twitter.com/SotmAsia <https://twitter.com/SotmAsia> *
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