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Apologize for cross-posting. Forwarding this from the data meet group. I
thought this might be of interest to some in the group.


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Dear All,
I have discovered a source of cadastral maps for several states. This is
mostly under the BhuNaksha initiative of NIC. They seem to have created
separate websites for each state. Don't know for how many. I have found:

Maharashtra: https://mahabhunakasha.mahabhumi.gov.in/bhunaksha/27/index.jsp
Madhya Pradesh: http://www.mpbhuabhilekh.nic.in/
Chhattisgarh: https://bhunaksha.cg.nic.in/#home-pane  (DOES NOT WORK RIGHT
Odisha: http://bhunakshaodisha.nic.in/bhunaksha/

The BhuNaksha websites have a common format: you can choose district,
taluka and village, and then the village cadastral map shows up (its in png
format). You can click on a plot/parcel, and it will show the details of
that plot: area, owner name, etc. You can generate  pdf report for that

Maharashtra version had added ability to show you the cadastral map in
geo-rectified mode on top of a google-earth-like satellite image--quite

CATCH: a) the names of district, taluka, village etc are IN THE STATE
SCRIPT: so devanagari for MP & Maha & CG, but Odiya for Odisha. So if you
don't read that script--you are sunk
b) in most states (except Maharashtra!), it is not enough to know the
district, taluka and village name. Within a taluka, you have know Revenue
Inspector and then something called 'halka', and then choose from the
villages within that halka. If you don't know this (RI and halka), you have
to do brute force: search in each halka in each RI! (typical sarkari
rubbish: not wanting common people to actually use the website!).

Karnataka seems to have its own initiative:
Here, you can actually download pdfs of each cadastral map, and in some
cases, even the KML! And searching for the village is district, taluka and
then village.

Hope this helps.

I am sure there are more such websites for other states. Please look up and


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