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Nikhil VJ nikhil.js at gmail.com
Sat Aug 15 19:44:28 UTC 2020

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Hi folks,

I'd like to share about OSRM - Open Source Routing Machine. It can work
with freely downloadable Openstreetmap data to give a self-hosted
road-routing solution that's a drop-in replacement for many google maps
services (not that one you want the most, but many ;) )

I see a lot of promise in this and similar tools to help businesses and
organisations involved in transport, logistics, GPS, delivery etc to save
expenses. There is a huge amount of money Indian companies are sending out
of the country for geo-services - I'd like to see some of that retained.

Decentralizing is a key enabler here: Bringing down the base area makes
your OSRM program fast and light. So, instead of trying to load the whole
planet's OSM data or all of India's, loading just your region lets you do
road routing fast and cheap.
There's some technical hurdles to cross in learning how to set up and use
OSRM. Towards that, with lots of help in dockerizing from Srihari Thalla,
I've started a project on github  :
https://osrm-decentralized.github.io/ with the
aim of making it easy for anyone to "roll their own" OSRM using some easy
docker recipes.

There's a live demo page here : https://osrm-decentralized.github.io/demo
If you have an OSRM instance serving an area, inviting to add your link to
this live demo.

For grabbing your state/UT's openstreetmap data, I've set up this resource
where you can get the latest data updated daily:
(it's using older states shapes from a datameet repo, please share the new
JK / Ladakh UTs if you have)
If you want your specific region's osm pbf data to be daily updated and
available for download here, let me know and we might be able to work
something out.

Please share with people who might find this useful.
And (belated) Happy Independence Day :)

Nikhil VJ
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