[Talk-is] Heimild til að nota ljósmyndir Já 360 / Permission to use Já 360 photographs

Matt Riggott matt at ja.is
Thu Feb 21 14:24:27 UTC 2019

Sæl öll,

Ég skrifa á ensku svo allir sem nota OpenStreetMap geti lesið hann.

I'm happy to announce that Já hf has given permission for OpenStreetMap contributors to reference Já 360 street-level photographs when editing the map.

Just as an example, you could use the photo at the link below to survey which companies are located in the building, the number of floors in the building, and the street names shown on street signs. That sort of thing.


This permission covers our street-level photographs but not the satellite images nor the tiled web map. We would ask that if you do use the images when editing OpenStreetMap, please add a "source=Já 360" tag to the changeset.

Happy mapping!

Matt Riggott
Programmer / Forritari


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