[Talk-it] Classification of important bypass roads

Stefano Pallicca pallicca at gmail.com
Sat Apr 25 16:20:45 BST 2009

> 1) Construction-wise the street should be considered to be a trunk-road (as it has exits and driveways, no at-grade intersections with other roads, etc.). IMHO primary seems to be ok, too.
> 2) Importance level: The road has - of course - local importance (classification: tertiary). The regional importance is also huge (classification: secondary). But the bypass is also connecting the SS12 which ends in the southern part of the city and re-beginns in the north (classification: primary).
> I would classify the whole complex of streets as primary. So everyone can see the importance of that bypass on the map, and routing programms are able to prefer that route, etc.
I would classify it as primary, too. In Viareggio [1], where I live, 
there is a similar road, that is "Variante Aurelia". It bypasses the 
centre and connects SS1 Aurelia from South to North, even if in 
Viareggio we have a "Via Aurelia" that cuts in the middle of the city. 
Variante Aurelia has no at-grade intersections, two lanes per direction 
and separate tracks, as in your case. It would be preferrable for 
routing programs as well.
The only difference, I think, is that in your case it is a "comunal 
road", wheras in my case the signs on the Variante are SS1 on blue 
background, and these signs also indicate kilometers from Rome, just if 
it was the SS1 Aurelia indeed.
Be sure to see how the signs are placed along that road, but by the way, 
even if they don't indicate explicitly SS12 (and road signs have a white 
- comunal - background), I would map the road as primary, given its 
importance and physical characteristics.


[1] - 

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