[Talk-it] [Talk-de] Municipal GIS data for South Tyrol

Martin Raifer tyr.asd at gmail.com
Mon Apr 27 14:03:31 BST 2009

I just discovered that some municipalities in South Tyrol made their GIS data available in the internet. The list is available under [1] (the website is available in Italian and German).

At least one municipality (Eppan/Appiano) made all the data completely public domain (the enactment is available at [2]): 
DE "[...] wurde festgelegt, dass die im Eigentum der Gemeinde Eppan a.d.W. stehenden und im Internet veröffentlichten Daten frei und kostenlos genutzt und verteilt werden können."
IT "[...] è stato deciso che i dati di proprietà del Comune di Appiano s.S.d.V. pubblicati in internet possono essere utilizzati e divulgati liberamente e gratuitamente."

Eppan/Appiano also made all data downloadable as shapefiles ([3]).

Now I'm not so sure what to do with all the data. I'm also confused a little bit, because of the fact that the provincial government is in possession of similar data which is not completely free to use, unfortunately (see discussion at [4])... It is also difficult the terms of usage for the data of the other municipalities.

However, it seems to be a great chance to bring the mapping process in South Tyrol a big step forward. 
Does anyone know the procedure how to work such data into OSM?

Best wishes, 

[1] http://gis.gvcc.net/WebGis/02/catalog.jsp
[2] http://data.gvcc.net/pdf/004_2006_a_0204.pdf
[3-de] http://www.eppan.eu/system/web/zusatzseite.aspx?menuonr=218651503&detailonr=218623597#Grundkartografie
[3-it] http://www.eppan.eu/system/web/zusatzseite.aspx?menuonr=218651503&detailonr=218623597&sprache=3
[4] http://www.mail-archive.com/talk-de@openstreetmap.org/msg38215.html

PS: I posted this in the Italian as well as the German mailing-list, as the South-Tyroleans seem to be active in both of them. Feel free to answer in Italian or German in the respective lists.

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