[Talk-it] Municipal GIS data for South Tyrol

Simone Cortesi simone at cortesi.com
Mon Apr 27 19:06:20 BST 2009

On Mon, Apr 27, 2009 at 3:03 PM, Martin Raifer <tyr.asd at gmail.com> wrote:

> Now I'm not so sure what to do with all the data. I'm also confused a little bit, because of the fact that the provincial government is in possession of similar data which is not completely free to use, unfortunately (see discussion at [4])... It is also difficult the terms of usage for the data of the other municipalities.
> However, it seems to be a great chance to bring the mapping process in South Tyrol a big step forward.
> Does anyone know the procedure how to work such data into OSM?

I'll write short overview of what I've done in this field to benefit
our deutschsprachige freunden which do not follow closely the italian
side of the Alps. I've been, in the years, active mainly in freeing
Public Administration data all across Italy, so far I've been
successful in freeing data of 3 italian regions, and, another region
joining in in about a week or so.

This said: At the moment I'm in negotiation with the Provinz to obtain
data to be legally imported in OSM.


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