[Talk-it] prepaid mobile internet access in Italy

Michael Buege michael at buegehome.de
Mon Aug 9 12:36:23 BST 2010


My name is Michael and i am a mapper from Hamburg, Germany.
I know that is a italian speaking list, but my italian is almost not
existent. So, i am sorry for that, but if all running well, it will do my
next topic in your language. ;-)
My wife and i need holidays desperately and so we do a mobile home trip
through Italy next month. We never made a stunt like this, but somebody
told her this is big fun, and because her name is Rita she decided to visit
Italy. I am quite happy with her choice and with the fact that her name is
not Swetlana...
Because i know by myself how OSM-People do their work and therefor i trust
them more then other mapmakers i plan to use only OSM stuff for navigation
and want to do some mapping too if necessary.
For this and other purpose it would be nice to have internet access.
So, can anybody of you give me a hint what currently is the best way to have
a prepaid mobile internet access during a three week trip in your country?
Although I have found this page[1] but i am not sure which solution i should
I am using a Huawei UMTS-Stick and a Eee-Pc with Ubuntu 10.04 connected with
a Garmin GPSmap 60CSx.
Hope you can help me, even my problem is a bit offtopic.




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