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Notizie dal mondo OpenMtbMap: supportano basic_hut e wilderness_hut (in
aggiunta a alpine_hut)
Consiglio quindi di iniziare ad aggiungere il corretto tag anche ai bivacchi
(che attualmente sono taggati genericamente amenity=shelter)


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Map Updates 19. August

Posted: 19 Aug 2010 02:50 PM PDT

Finally I found some more time to work on the openmtbmaps again. There are
quite a few substantial changes. First, I changed around quite a few
positions of lines so that no lines in the basic types are wrongly
classified (outside of the routable types..). The not really correct
positions were a left-over of the days were mkgmap could not write extended
types. This means old typfiles are not compatible anymore (if you have done
any modifications).

Second I introduced arrows pointing downhill now also for mtb:scale:uphill=3
and 2 in less noticeable colors compared to before or 4 and 5. This gives
better indication of steepness. Last I made basic_hut and wilderness_hut
searchable too, so not only alpine_hut can be found. lean_to and the for me
remniscent amenity=shelter will not be searchable. Also I moved up the
priority of city types, so that some more cities/places will show up in the
city search.

Last but not least, is someone by chance next week (Monday to Thursday)
riding in Portes du Soleil and got a (cheap) bed for me to crash? I want to
go riding there for a few days and have problems finding a reasonably priced
place to stay (and knowing the popularity of PDS just think that maybe
someones around). Would be happy about comments/mails regarding this ASAP
(before sunday at the latest…)

Spend a token to make the maps even better - Unterstuetz openmtbmap - fuer
noch bessere Karten.<https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_xclick&business=extremecarver@gmail.com&currency_code=EUR&amount=&return=Thanks+a+lot+for+your+donation,+I+really+appreciate+your+support.+Openmtbmap.org+takes+a+lot+of+my+private+time,+so+your+donation+helps+me+to+motivate+myself+to+keep+improving!+-+Vielen+Dank&item_name=Support+Openmtbmap++for+Map+Updates+19.+August+2010+>

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