[Talk-it] Obblighi con la ODbL

David Paleino dapal at debian.org
Wed Oct 13 09:31:24 BST 2010

On Wed, 13 Oct 2010 10:21:31 +0200 (CEST), ale_zena at libero.it wrote:

> Cosa cambierà dal punto di vista pratico? Con la 'vecchia' si doveva scrivere 
> ad esempio "(C) Openstreetmap and contributors CC-BY-SA", con la nuova 
> occorrerà una nuova frase o qualcosa di diverso? Me lo chiedevo mentre 
> preparavo le slides per il Linux Day, rimarrà come unico obbligo quello di 
> citare la fonte dei dati?

Secondo §4.3:

| 4.3 Notice for using output (Contents). Creating and Using a Produced Work
| does not require the notice in Section 4.2. However, if you Publicly Use a
| Produced Work, You must include a notice associated with the Produced Work
| reasonably calculated to make any Person that uses, views, accesses, interacts
| with, or is otherwise exposed to the Produced Work aware that Content was
| obtained from the Database, Derivative Database, or the Database as part of a
| Collective Database, and that it is available under this License.
|     a. Example notice. The following text will satisfy notice under Section
|        4.3:
|     Contains information from DATABASE NAME, which is made available
|     here under the Open Database License (ODbL).

| DATABASE NAME should be replaced with the name of the Database and a hyperlink
| to the URI of the Database. “Open Database License” should contain a hyperlink
| to the URI of the text of this License. If hyperlinks are not possible, You
| should include the plain text of the required URI’s with the above notice.

Estraendo dal punto (e saltando l'esempio, che è un po' verboso):
"if you publicly use a produced work, you must include a notice [..] reasonably
calculated to make any person [..] aware that content was obtained from the
database [..] [and] is available under this License."

Credo che un "© 2010, OpenStreetMap, ODbL 1.0" sarà sufficiente.


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