[Talk-it] relazione ss27

Volker Schmidt voschix a gmail.com
Lun 13 Gen 2014 12:43:44 UTC

Ho ricevuto in un contesto diverso una segnaletica sulla relazione della
ss27 che passo alla lista perché non conosco la zona:

"the main SS27 relation (Aosta-Great St Bernard Pass) contains many ways
from multiple sections of old_ref=SS27, but does NOT include ways on the
recently built SS27 Gignod village bypass "variante di Gignod".  Instead
the old route through the village is maintained in the main SS27 relation.
 Meanwhile the new SS 27 Gignod bypass (just 2.8 km in length) has its own
relation, even though it looks and feels like an integral part of SS27 when
you drive it.

In effect the main SS 27 relation is an historical document (which is fine,
but this probably means it couldn't be used by the mapping and info systems
that we have been discussing here)"

Grazie a Peter Davies per la segnalazione

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