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Mer 19 Mar 2014 18:16:24 UTC


ricevo e inoltro questo messaggio di qualche giorno fa dall'utente RicoZ.


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Data: 07/mar/2014 13:43
Oggetto: [OpenStreetMap] new outdoor-natural mailing list
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Hi CristianCantoro,

RicoZ <http://www.openstreetmap.org/user/RicoZ> has sent you a message
through OpenStreetMap with the subject new outdoor-natural mailing list:

Hi Cristian,

if you know some Italian users who would be interested feel free to forward


The main topic of this list are discussions related to the mapping (and
proposals of mapping) of: *outdoor sports *wilderness and natural features

It should cover everything from scuba diving to paragliding, from undersea
volcanoes to Mount Everest, from corral reefs to rain forrest vegetation.

The list can also cover related software and technical discussion of
offline OSM based maps.

Main language English, all languages welcome (there will be also someone
who is more fluent in Italian than me;).

Regards Richard

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