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Ed ecco la definitiva via libera al usi delle immagini SkyBox

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I've been talking with the Google Crisis Response team, and they have

* Imagery released under Skybox for Good can be digitized into OSM under
OSM's license.
* The attribution requirement can be fulfilled by attributing Skybox in a
given changeset and/or feature comment/tag. As well as noted on
* While it's not a requirement, interested to start conversation about more
robust attribution down the line, ala the dynamic attribution in Google
Maps (something like an API to view attribution for a particular area, to
integrate into web viewers)
* HOT is welcome to make additional requests.

They want to know the best place to formally let OSM know the above. If the
gist of the above sounds reasonable, I think the best place to announce
would be on legal-talk@

While we are working on the legal details, it would also be worthwhile for
us to test the suitability of the imagery for OSM tracing. Is the
geo-referencing and resolution fit for our purposes?


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Hi list,
Google (through their acquisition of skybox) have released some aerial
imagery under the Cc-by licence:
Can someone just remind me - are we able to use this in OpenStreetMap? If
yes, please forward to the HOT mailing list as it is of value to them.
Finally we should be very proud of what we as a community have achieved.
The work that we, HOT and those who have already made aerial imagery
available (bing, digital globe, etc) have achieved to date is so
significant that other big players are following in our footsteps. This is
a great day :-)

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