[Talk-it] Utente Fredie e modifiche grossolane

Fabrizio Tambussa ftambussa a gmail.com
Mar 7 Feb 2017 17:26:02 UTC

Ha risposto,
oltre essere straniero e' un pochettino arrogante.

Hi Sib..

Reg your issue to revert my work, need to tell you that OSM is not
your private and have no copyright. you don't have any right to revert
other mappers' uploads when you dislike it. So please be careful to
threaten other mappers with a revert. I pretty much dislike that
behaviour ! All my work is carefully researched used sat data from
2016. If you use Bing Sat data make clear that those are pretty > 6
years old. Those former eternit area meanwhile is rebuilt with house
and garden as mapped. Overlapping nodes to highway is my personal art
to map and you may accept or not. If tracks are deleted then those are
of no common interest (Agric ac only or priv property with no
connectivity) If you have problems there just readd them; I won't care
for anymore. It's unusal to add dozens of small residentials landuse.
I've never seen such processing any part of map in Europe I passed.
residential has always the lowest priority in rendering, like
farmland. no Problem to nest additional landuse without use of
relation. All my work follows wiki rules. I also have to accept other
mappers style though not always agree. If you 're local then feel free
to add any changes you think is necessary.

hopefully help to understand.


Please understand, that if you you revert other mappers work, I have
to accuse in the community as those data amount is huge (4000 changes)
and not only concerns your request.


La mia risposta riguarda 3 punti:
1) rispondi prima di mappare
2) quali sono le immagini del 2016 che usi per mappare, sii specifico e preciso
3) distruggi il lavoro altrui e poi candidamente dici "se non ti piace
puoi sempre correggere", cosi' devo lavorare 2 volte.

Gli ho scritto che sto discutendo della sua "arte" (sue parole) di
mappare con la community italiana e stiamo valutando opportune mosse.
Tra le righe mi dice che odia le relation e infatti ne ha cancellate alcune:

Si accettano consigli


Il 7 febbraio 2017 18:03, Martin Koppenhoefer <dieterdreist at gmail.com>
ha scritto:
> 2017-02-07 15:28 GMT+01:00 Fabrizio Tambussa <ftambussa at gmail.com>:
>> L'utente dovrebbe essere tedesco, gli ho scritto in italiano e in
>> inglese sperando che risponda.
> confermo, sembra un tedesco, anche se apparentemente gli piace l'Italia,
> dove ha mappato piĆ¹ che in Germania.
> Ciao,
> Martin
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