[Talk-it] Utente Fredie e modifiche grossolane

Fabrizio Tambussa ftambussa a gmail.com
Mer 8 Feb 2017 07:35:30 UTC

Sono senza parole.
Questa e' stata la sua risposta alle mie segnalazioni:

HI Sbir

I've deleted your post without reading.

I've done reflections on my work since you shouted me heavily by just
changing a ridiculous amount of your work.
To be honest I must give in that when using OSM data on Navi, me myself
never interested in the background, just only the conections available.
So I wonder why I do a lot of effort to add landshape despite I don't
use it. Indeed I prefer g_earth for planning my biketours. Those sat
data give me far better feedback about the scale of the roads. OSM here
sucks a lot.
So all that landshape is only a timestamp of 2016 and of very fast
expiring time, needs a lot of invest to keep actual, I 've decided to
stopp my work along river PO now and here.
That doesn't mean that I allow to revert my work. It covers only small
region and you can do what any mapper can do: edit and change whatever
you think is incorrect.

In future I move back to the roots of OSM mapping, searching for missing
connectivity, classifying tracks, adding major waterways, reduce
landshape to wood and farmyard only.
Further on I won't touch or delete other data, wrong or not, so as you
correctly accused.
I apologize for this, no intention to discredit any mappers' work.
Not yet decided to keep on working region Po plaines or moving to Asia
where there is a increasing community of bike travelers coming up recently.

Let's be friends in mapping



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