[Talk-it] "CC-BY" and "CC-BY-IT" licences

Maurizio Napolitano napoogle a gmail.com
Ven 1 Set 2017 13:02:17 UTC

I'm complete agree with the observation made by Stefano.
I think that the "mapper" confused the IODL 2.0 with the CC-BY
The IODL 2.0 sounds like the CC-BY with a short attention to the "sui
generis right"
(only because, in the text, you can read "database" instead "work")

The restrictions are:
- indicate the source of the Information and the name of the Licensor,
including, if possible, a copy of this license or a link to it.
- not re-use the Information in a manner that suggests that they are
official or that the Licensor approves the use you make of
- take any reasonable measure to ensure that the uses that are
permitted beforehand do not mislead other subjects and that such
information is not misrepresented.

In my point of view there aren't present some particular clauses like
the cc-by 4.0, and the license can be compatible with the ODbL.
(the ODBL 1.0 has a declaration of compatibility with the ODbL on the last line)

In any case the suggestion of Stefano is very important because,
Wikimedia Italia started a collaboration with the municipality of
Milan about the drinking waters.
You can find the complete thread here

One of the most important topics on this collaboration is connected
with the concept of "significant contribution"

I'm sure that Alessandro Palmas (project manager of Wikimedia Italia
for OpenStreetMap) in short time is ready to give you more details :)

here is the "official" link of the IODL 2.0

On Fri, Sep 1, 2017 at 12:32 PM, Stefano Salvador
<stefano.salvador at gmail.com> wrote:
> AFAIK "CC-BY-IT" does not exists, many italian open data are licensed  with
> IODL ( http://www.formez.it/iodl/ ) which explicitly permits import in ODBL
> databases.
> By the way in the url linked in the import (
> https://geoportale.comune.milano.it/ATOM/SIT/Fontanelle/Fontanelle_Dataset_1.xml
> ) states "Dati estratti da © OpenStreetMap contributors", it seems that the
> user imported in OSM data extracted from OSM ...
> Stefano

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