[OSM-ja] 明日マッピングパーティです

Daniel Kastl orkney @ gmx.de
2008年 7月 18日 (金) 01:31:47 BST


Sorry for the late answer and English. I almost missed the Mapping
Party since it was quite silent on this list about this topic until

The place I was thinking which is suited for a workshop is this one:
But I could never get there in time to ask directly. Not sure we need
reservation or can just go there. Beside this place is also a nice bar
(ZAIM) and they're quite friendly. Our office's air conditioning is
limited on weekends and no windows to open, so I guess the solution
above is better.


Hiroshi Miura schrieb:
> 明日、マッピングパーティ鎌倉です。
> http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/index.php/Ja:Kamakura_Mapping_Party
> 参加する方は、Wikiに、分担する地区を今日中に表明してください。
> ダニエルさん。午後のワークショップの会場は、どこが使えそうですか?
> お返事ください。
> よろしくお願いします。

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