[OSM-ja] Coastline around 加太 (Kada)

Daniel Kastl daniel @ georepublic.de
2010年 3月 11日 (木) 08:57:55 GMT

Hi list,

I opened the area around 加太 (Kada), southern Wakayama Prefecture, in JOSM
and loaded the data together with オルソ化空中写真.

If you open it in JOSM there is the "old" and the "new" coastline.

Obviously the "old" coastline is very rough approach, but the "new"
coastline draws a circle around 加太 and doesn't match the aerial photo at
all. And because I have been there just a few weeks ago, I can also prove
that this is not correct ;-)

OK, no problem, I can fix that.
My question is, what should I fix? The old or the new coastline?

Probably I missed some emails about this, but how can I make the new
coastline be rendered, because it seems it is not rendered now. And what to
do with the old coastline then?

Best regards,
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