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Daniel Kastl daniel @ georepublic.de
2010年 10月 26日 (火) 13:36:41 BST

Hi list,

I want to forward this email from osm-discuss mailing list, because I came
across this issue with rivers and lakes also in Japan.

When you open the lakes from the link in an editor like JOSM you will see,
that there are rivers inside the lakes.

I think this happens due to data imports, so the question is:
shall we keep the rivers as imported or remove rivers when they are within a
lake (as Martin says).

I don't think it makes sense to have "virtual" rivers, so I agree
with Martin.


2010/10/26 maning sambale <emmanuel.sambale @ gmail.com>:
> from mountain peak to coast.  There are
> exceptions of course.

Yes, usually a river gets "interrupted" when entering a lake, and
restarts when leaving the lake.


PS: There is also a visualisation of waterways by Geofabrik (only Europe)


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