[OSM-ja] Open Street Mapping for Takikawa Hokkaido

Douglas Perkins douglas @ dperkins.org
2012年 4月 22日 (日) 15:42:52 BST



There is no plan of when exactly what areas of Hokkaido are to receive
the YahooAlps data import.  This work is done by various volunteers as
they see fit.  Unfortunately, this means there are no guarantees as to
when Takikawa will be complete.  It could be tomorrow or next month or
in six months ... we just don't know.

There is some road data already there for Takikawa.  This means doing
the YahooAlps data import involves removing duplicate road segments,
which is somewhat tedious though not technically difficult.  If you have
some experience with JOSM, it is feasible to do yourself.  The main
thing to consider is that pre-existing OSM data is generally (but not
always) considered more reliable than YahooAlps data, so we can't
blindly delete the current road data and add the YahooAlps road data in
its place.


On Sun, 22 Apr 2012 18:17:05 +0800
John Blyth <jblyth at cheerful.com> wrote:

> Hello,
> I am sorry that I can't speak or write Japanese......
> I will be travelling to Takikawa in Hokkaido for 3 months in June this
> year, and it would be wonderful to be able to use open street maps in
> Takikawa. At present, the town streets of Takikawa are not included
> in Open Street Maps.
> I see that the street mapping of Takikawa is available from
> http://openstreetmap.jp/YahooAlps/roads/ but I do not want to try and
> upload this information myself without checking carefully with you
> first. I am NOT an expert with Open Street Maps, but I would be happy
> to help if I could.
> Do you have a plan to upload the information for the streets of
> Takikawa and other close areas in the next two months?
> Many thanks
> John Blyth - from Sunny Carnarvon, Western Australia

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