[OSM-ja] Discussion mechanical edit (note, note:ja)

Peter Barth osm-peda @ won2.de
2014年 10月 17日 (金) 13:19:11 UTC

Dear mappers from Japan,

first of, I'm sorry I have to write in English to this list.

Due to different reasons (mainly MapRoulette) I'm often mapping
in Japan. I came accross huge amounts of imports (mostly KSJ2 as
source, but others, too). One thing I discovered that I find 
annoying (mostly when using JOSM):

For a huge amount of ways not only a source- and source_ref-tag
was added but also a note- and note:ja-tag. E.g.
  note=National-Land Numerical Information (Administrative area) 2008, MLIT Japan
  note:ja=国土数値情報(行政区域データ)平成20年 国土交通省
These tags were not only added to the ways but also to their
nodes. See e.g. this way 
and one of the way's nodes here

According to the Mechanical Edit Policy in a first step edits 
have to be discussed. As it matters for Japan only, I chose
the talk-ja mailing list.

In my opinion, at least all note- and note:ja tags on nodes
should be removed if the same note- and note:ja-tag is present
on the according way, too. Not only is the current information
redundant but it's also a misuse of the note-tag (at least
according to the English wiki description, see

I'd help to document and execute such edits (whatever the details
of this discussion might be). But I'd be even more happy if a
native speaker would deal with this matter so that the Japanese
community is not forced to discuss this in English only. Anyway,
in a first step this should be discussed.

Thanks and kind regards,

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