[OSM-ja] Tagging a Japanese address correctly

tomoya muramoto muramototomoya @ gmail.com
2015年 12月 19日 (土) 11:10:17 UTC

Hi, Daniel

You can check a document of Japan tagging standards here.

And in this page you can see examples of "place=*" usage.
I think addr:* is same.

So for your example, addr:* would be like this,
addr:country=JP (JA is Japanese language, JP is Japan country)
addr:neighbourhood=5 or 五丁目
addr:block_number=3 or 3番 or 3番地
addr:housenumber=1 or 1号

>How to tag the English/Romaji/Kana address?
>"addr:city:en=Kobe" and "addr:city:ja_kana=こうべ"?
>This going to become a huge list of tags then for every address.
Yes, English/Romaji/Kana tagging will make a huge list.

>Is "addr:place=雲井通5-3-1" correct?
I think addr:place=* is not used in Japan address tagging.


2015-12-17 16:27 GMT+09:00 Daniel Kastl <daniel @ georepublic.de>:

> Hi,
> I tried to find a Wiki page about tagging Japanese addresses correctly.
> I only found the general "JA:Key:addr" page:
> http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/JA:Key:addr
> Is there already some other guideline how to do this?
> For example for a building I could add the following tags?
> addr:full=兵庫県神戸市中央区雲井通5-3-1
> add:postcode=651-0096
> addr:country=JA
> addr:province=兵庫
> addr:city=神戸
> addr:suburb=中央区
> addr:place=雲井通5-3-1
> addr:housename=サンパル
> Already here I have various questions:
>    - Do I include 県市区町名 in tags like addr:province or addr:city?
>    "addr:suburb=中央区" or "addr:suburb=中央"?
>    - How to tag the English/Romaji/Kana address?
>    "addr:city:en=Kobe" and "addr:city:ja_kana=こうべ"?
>    This going to become a huge list of tags then for every address.
>    - Is "addr:place=雲井通5-3-1" correct?
>    What to do with 上田町 and 二丁目? Do we split an address into more tags?
> Since Japanese addresses have such a nice hierarchy using polygon areas,
> it would be easy to derive information from parent address polygons
> (instead of adding this information to each and every building).
> In this case we have for example for "二丁目" as "boundary:admin_level= 10",
> but how to apply the address information?
> Anyone has a best practice already?
> Thanks,
> Daniel
> PS: Where I live now I received a very detailed map delivered to all
> households by the city, published by 日本特殊地図協会. The block polygons and other
> building shapes look identical to GSI/KIBAN 2500. But there is no
> information about the data source. Property owners layers is added, but
> maybe provided by Zenrin or the city?
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