[OSM-ja] Japan post code polygons

Tom Lee tlee @ mapbox.com
2015年 1月 26日 (月) 20:37:47 UTC

I have been trying to find geometry that corresponds to Japanese postal
codes (sometimes also called zip codes). I initially joined Japan Post's
CSV download to MLIT's administrative boundary shapefile, but this has
proven to be too low-resolution.

I have found the PAREA Zip product
<http://www.parea.jp/datebase/area_map/index.html>, but of course an open
source of data would be preferable.

I am particularly curious to know whether E-Stat/Census data can be used to
create postal code polygons. If you visit this URL:


and select "平成22年国勢調査(小地域) 2010/10/01"

You can then choose a smaller area and download a high-resolution mesh as a
shapefile. That file's field definitions can be found here:


Here is one such shapefile in QGIS, overlaid on Bing aerial imagery:

Although the polygons are well-indexed, they do not seem to correspond to
postal codes.

Is anyone aware of a means of mapping the data included in this shapefile
to postal codes? I would be very glad to share the results of my efforts
under an open license, should I prove able to solve this problem (E-Stat's
license seems to make this possible).

Thanks very much!

Tom Lee
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