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tomoya muramoto muramototomoya @ gmail.com
2015年 10月 13日 (火) 14:53:54 UTC

Hi, Arun Ganesh

Thank you for informing us your great project.
I am excited hearing the ongoing achievements by your team.
Actually we Japanese should do it...
I can't thank you enough.

Anyway I can help to translate some documents into Japanese (though I'm not
good at English).
Let me know how to do it.



2015-10-12 19:35 GMT+09:00 Arun Ganesh <arun.planemad @ gmail.com>:

> こんにちは
> Apologies for writing in English, it will be great if someone can reply
> with a translation in Japanese that will be helpful for everyone :)
> As part of the data team in Mapbox, we have been fixing OSM data errors in
> many parts of the world using to-fix [1] and we noticed a large number of
> broken data geometries in Japan which looked very well mapped. On closer
> investigation we found that most of the map data was from the Yahoo import
> of 2011 and was not of a very good quality. I have written a summary of the
> data issues our team found in Japan in a diary post [2]. The post is in
> English and also requires a Japanese translation. Can someone help?
> Because there was very little documentation of the Yahoo import in English
> on the OSM Wiki, we got in touch with Taichi-san who helped us better
> understand the data problems and how we can start to fix it. Our team of 20
> mappers are now dedicated to cleaning up the import data for the last three
> weeks and have finished realignment of the major highways to the correct
> position based on GSI ort imagery in an area of 40,000 km2. Our progress is
> tracked in our mapping repository that Taichi-san shared earlier [3] and I
> invite the Japan community to review the quality of our work.
> The mapping operations we are performing:
> - Realign roads to GSI ort imagery
> - Realign road junctions with minor roads to correct position
> - Merge small segments into continuous ways (delete yh:WIDTH tag if
> required to merge)
> - Create parallel oneways for divided highways
> - Create missing bridges and tunnels
> - Focus on motorways, trunk, primary, secondary roads (pass1)
> - Focus on tertiary roads (pass2)
> Based on current progress we estimate it to take 3 months to finish
> cleanup of pass1 and pass2. And many more months for unclassified and
> residential roads [4]. You can already spread the word and join the cleanup
> task for Kyushu Island [5] (instructions available in ja, thank you
> Taichi-san). We also have a fb group that you can join [6] and can be used
> to communicate quickly to me and the data team.
> Please share your ideas on how to make OSM the best map of Japan! The
> Mapbox data team is ready to support in any way.
> [1]
> http://osmlab.github.io/to-fix/?error=unconnected_major#/task/unconnectedmajor
> [2] http://www.openstreetmap.org/user/PlaneMad/diary/36058
> [3] https://github.com/mapbox/mapping/issues/120
> [4] https://gist.github.com/planemad/64da69b20ea9705b5673
> [5] http://tasks.openstreetmap.in/project/57
> [6] https://www.facebook.com/groups/697237443754399/706943709450439
> ありがとう,
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> Arun Ganesh
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