[Talk-ko] Naming conventions in Korea

Max abonnements at revolwear.com
Sun Oct 5 11:00:40 UTC 2014

Hi List,

I noticed the non-standard naming convention in Korea and Japan.
I've seen https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Ko:Map_Features
and read the discussion in the archives of this list
Thread: "[Talk-ko] Please stop using name=한글 (English) form" by
Changwoo Ryu.

Summary or my post:
I think the current naming convention should be changed so that the
english name is only present in name:en=, not in name=.

Longer version:
Looking at OSM globally, I can find some examples where a dual value for
the name key makes sense. For example in places where two Languages are
spoken equally. In South Tyrol (Northern Italy) Italian and German are
official languages, also on the signs. In OSM I can find two villages
next to each other:

San Martino - St. Martin
Stefansdorf - Santo Stefano

while the first one has Italian first, German last - the other one is
San Martino's key:value pairs are:
name=San Martino - St. Martin
name:it=San Martino
name:de=St. Martin
(Note the dash in between the languages)

However, English is far from being an official Language in Korea.

In Morocco, French and Arabic are official languages, so in OSM you will
Ait Malek أيت مالك
notice that Arabic is the fist language. Since you read arabic right to
left, both languages are "first" in a way.

In the overwhelming majority of countries with a non-latin alphabet
(cyrillic, greek, arabic, thai, chinese, armenian...), only the local
alphabet is used in the name= value.

That's consistent with official convention
that reads:
"The common default name. (Note: For disputed areas, please use the name
as displayed on e.g. street signs for the name tag. Put all alternatives
into either localized name tags (e.g. name:tr/name:el) or the variants
(e.g. loc_name/old_name/alt_name). Thank you.)"

Since Korea (except maybe Dokdo, but that's another story) is not
disputed, it doesn't matter what's on the sign. Many places in Korea
also have Chinese and Japanese on the sign, that doesn't make it the
common name either.

I think it's pretty clear that the convention for Korea should be
name=경부 고속도로
name:en=Gyeongbu Expressway
name:ko=경부 고속도로

I consider the current practice tagging for the renderer. Why? Because
it seems that the current practice is there because someone felt it was
necessary to see the romanized/English name in the Mapnik style.
I understand this is due to historic reasons and inspired by the
Japanese convention, the only other place where this is like that.

Since tagging for the renderer is not advised and the name= key value is
clearly agaist OSM standards, IMHO it should be changed.

Since there is work under way to allow for changing the language in the
(Mapnik) renderer, this will no longer be a concern. OSMAnd for example
already lets you choose between english and local names. (And by the way
that function is broken for Korea because of the non-standard tagging)

So: what do you say? Are you ready for a change?


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