[Talk-ko] MapRoulette challenges for South Korea roads

Andrew Wiseman andrew_wiseman at apple.com
Tue Dec 18 21:32:13 UTC 2018

Hello OSM South Korea,

I’m Andrew Wiseman with Apple’s Maps team. We recently used our Atlas data analysis tool (https://github.com/osmlab/atlas <https://github.com/osmlab/atlas>) to look at a few types of potential issues, such as building-road intersections, highway link roads that don’t have the correct classifications, and road angles that are too sharp. I've posted the results of those checks on MapRoulette, a tool that lets you go through potential issues one by one and either correct them or indicate they are not a problem. I wanted to let you know they are available in case others wanted to try fixing some of them — I also plan to go through some of them myself. 

In MapRoulette you can either pick a random task to fix or click on a specific one. If you want to do tasks around a certain location, such as somewhere you are familiar with, you can click “more options” then “load tasks by proximity.” 

The checks are:

- Sharp angles: https://maproulette.org/mr3/challenge/3421 <https://maproulette.org/mr3/challenge/3421>
- Highway link roads: https://maproulette.org/mr3/challenge/3422 <https://maproulette.org/mr3/challenge/3422>
- Building-road intersections: https://maproulette.org/mr3/challenge/3423 <https://maproulette.org/mr3/challenge/3423>

Let me know if you have any questions or feedback.

Thank you,


Andrew Wiseman |  Maps | andrew_wiseman at apple.com <mailto:andrew_wiseman at apple.com>
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