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Mon Dec 15 21:21:46 UTC 2014

Olá a todos,
For every major activation we take care, we have this same problem. Many remote contributors  trace roads. Then, we have to take care of the classification of the road, and this is a diffucult task  and time consuming task.
Working for Mali, last year, there was no classification available and we saw major roads that were unpaved an in very bad condition after the rainy season. People from the north classified all of these as tracks.  I then proposed the Africa highway classification. The highway tag is to classify the socio-economic importance of the road, its usage This has nothing to do with the surface, structure, width or condition of the road, except that there is a distinction between a motorway and a highway. There are other tags to take account of the surface and the condition.http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Highway_Tag_Africa

 This classification has been quite adopted. But unfortunately, the developpers of the HOT/HDM Humanaitarian style refuse to follow this Then an unpaved primary road looks like a track and we complety loose the hierarchy classification. This is the "Bad condition rule" (:
In Brazil, there is surely differences also bettween the urbanized and the remote areas, for example in the Amazone area. If you adopt rules based on the surface or condition of the road, this might be good for urbanized areas but inappropriate for rural areas. 

In urban areas, It is surely uneasy to hierarchize the roads. And yes, they cannot be all tertiary. A tertiary road should have more traffic then residential area. This is a road to interconnect to the global network.
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