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It was a big teamwork, took several months in total.

 I generated OSM XML files from Shapefiles, did some fixes and final upload.

 Andre (cc in this email) did some nice scripts to correct some specific

 I messed also with MapInfo and other GIS tools to match the data with
official coastline border data (which is much more accurate than Corine).

For classification we used French base

We got good direct support from French OSM importers too, most of their
tools are published in wiki.

My main experience after doing all this is that I would suggest to import
only few specific most useful data classes, e.g. forests and wet lands. I
tried to import more or less everything to have more data, but now the
database has too much non-sense low-resolution polygons which just need to
be removed (especially in cities), or still need to be merged with existing
areas (e.g. lakes). It is quite boring manual work to fix all this manually.
Corine looks nice in small zoom levels, but after zooming in it should be

Also I suggest to avoid imports in areas which already have some data (e.g.
forests). We thought that we can merge it later, but it is too complex.
Maybe you also could have import for one small area, try to fix it to see
how well it works and then apply to whole country.


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I am part of Latvian OSM project. I would like to get in contact to one who
made your landuse data import to OSM.

Thank you in advance,

and good luck in mapping :)

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