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OSM devi diezgan skeptiski skatās uz random stuffa importēšanu OSMā ar 
(pus)automātiskiem līdzekļiem.
Piekrtītu viņiem. Ir jābūt diezgan augstai sarežģītības barjerai, lai 
līdz importēšanai tiek tikai cilvēki, kas zina ko dara.


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Date: 	Wed, 20 Oct 2010 11:45:30 +0200
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On 10/20/10 09:52, Sam Vekemans wrote:
>  I'm wondering if it is in the works to have a JOSM plugin where it can
>  automatically convert shp files (ie. run shp-to-osm.jar in the
>  background),

No, that would only encourage people to do even more mindless imports
than we have already. There's not a day gone past without somebody,
somewhere, importing data without talking to anyone first - overwriting
existing data, creating duplicate nodes, ignoring license questions, not
thinking about updates, and whatnot.

Imports are a complex topic and they require a lot of thought and
discussion. Making imports easier will enable everyone to go through the
steps technically without necessarily having the proper understanding of
OSM that is required.

Any editor offering a simple "shp import" functionality would soon be
regarded as "the software that causes more harm than good". Calls for
banning that editor would ensue.


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