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Hi Gints,

We don't have any proposal ready, we have just an idea that something could
be done. Just for info, our current local OSM project had following main

-        Local servers for localized maps (in Estonian)

-        Mapping parties (about 4 of them, 2 are done)

-        Trainings - one special for geography teachers is done

-        Software and wiki translation services

-        Creation of own "localized" map layout

-        Marketing materials and costs (small amount)

-        Project management

We have official permission from our national mapping agency (maaamet.ee)
that they allow to use their WMS service for maps and aerial images. These
tend to be outdated, but are very detailed. So we don't need much more extra
aerials here.

For the cooperation contents my current ideas are:

-        Cross-border mapping parties - not only mapping, but also idea and
experience exchange.  In current project we had way too small budget, so we
could buy a mapping cake and that's it. Next time also accommodation,
peoples' travel cost etc should be included, also GPSs and other smaller

-        Maybe some regional costs could be included, like your needed
aerials for Latvia; if we include also some Estonian areas, and these would
be also needed for the cross-border mapping parties.

-        GeoBus Baltics, like http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/GeoBus. In
Tallinn there is one company using also US school-bus for IT services (
http://www.itbuss.ee/eng/itbuss), so could ask technical help from them

Regarding specific EstLat program: it is important to know that we should be
able to cover the costs, and these (85% of them to be precise, but the rest
could be also our own unpaid working hours) will be covered later by
program, after reviewing reports etc. This means that some kind of bridge
financing should be organized for about 6 months (it will take 2-6 months
from making spending to getting funds). In some cases bank gives loan (with
the project itself as guarantee), but also then some bigger organization
would be useful to back it. So this is also one consideration when choosing
which organization could be suitable. This is quite common with most of our
support systems, I guess it is usual in Latvia also.


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Nice to hear back.

I have 3 possible companies in mind:

* Latvian Open Source Association (LAKA - you mentioned in your post). I am
head of this organisation and we are more like "Freaks come together"
association. We are litle bit unactive because of working on open source
projects like OSM :). Tough we had one european project before together with

* Latvian University Linux Center - They have University people at they
back... so there is infrastructure already. That means more power. -

* LATA Latvian Open Technologies Association - More like business people
involved with open source. - http://lata.org.lv/

I am in good relationship with leaders of other two organisations. Wich
organisation to choose depends litle bit on project aim. Did you made
proposal already for http://www.estlat.eu? What is aim?

For now I am thinking Linux center is best option.

Of coarse we would be happy to have some funding for OSM Latvia. For now we
are investing our own money to get Latvia areal photos which we can use
after puchase for OSM.

Let me know what you think... and let's choose organisation and go forward.

Ready to act,


2010/9/24 Jaak Laineste (Nutiteq) <jaak at nutiteq.com>

Hello Gints,

 how are you doing with OSM in Latvia? I have an idea from our
Estonian OSM community. We have a registered special NGO (Avatud
Maakaardi Selts, or Open Map Community in direct translation), and we
are now setting up own servers and stuff. We got funding for a 1-year
project from Estonian NGO funding agency. I talked this week with lead
of EstLat.eu program, and they have quite well fitting funding scheme
for Estonian-Latvian collaboration projects. Key thing what we'd need
is an trusted organization from Latvian side who could lead the
project part there and would be ready to do  all the required official
reporting and things (it's EU money after all). The deadline for next
(and possibly the last) suitable round there is in December, typical
rounds are about 100KEUR (85% costs covered). Content of the project
could be series of common mapping parties: I'd really like to  visit
Latvia more, and you could come to Estonia where some nice
cities/regions are almost not mapped at all etc.

 Current the key question is: do you have a working NGO organization
who could be our partner in the possible project? I found link laka.lv
from the Latvian wiki pages, but the server does not respond. Or can
you forward my contact to someone who could have time and commitment
to deal with this? I know most OSM contributors are probably IT people
who have 1-2 hours per week to do some occasional mapping in addition
to their daily job, and they do it without much communication; like it
is here common. But from the wiki I got impression that your community
is much larger than Estonian one: we have around 4-5 active people who
are doing some extra cooperation in addition to mapping.

You are also welcome to forward the message also to your talk-list, if
you don't know anyone specific right away.

Jaak Laineste
Chairman of MTÜ Avatud Maakaardi Selts (OSM Estonia Chapter in future)

2010/6/21 Gints Polis <polis.gints at gmail.com>:

> Hi,
> I am part of Latvian OSM project. I would like to get in contact to one
> made your landuse data import to OSM.
> Thank you in advance,
> and good luck in mapping :)
> Gints

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