[Talk-ma] mapping caïdats and cercles

Ali ali.zaroili at gmail.com
Sam 28 Mar 16:23:10 UTC 2015

I inserted a time ago Morocco on  that page 
I forgot that page.
Maybe i change the Admin_level=7  from "caidats" to "cercles" and assing the 
"caidats" to boundary_local_authority would be a good sullution,
because the "caidats" are under lower level then "cercles".

boundary_local_authority are mentioned here in the overlay:

administrative layer of Morocco:

best regards

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Admin_level=7 is already documented as districts/caïdats on the wiki :

But not used in data :

admin_level must be used for... admin limit and must be consistent,
lower levels must be included in upper level. Note, boundaries can be
other type than adminstrative. I don't know enough the Morocan
admistrative layers to provide an answer, but only point you ressources.


Le 28/03/2015 14:23, Ali a écrit :
> hi,
> I want to start mapping the caïdats and cercles as seen in
> example:http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Province_de_Taourirt under
> Découpage territorial.
> any idee how to assing the amin levels for these  cercles and caidats?
> explain of caidats is in wikipedia:
> http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ca%C3%AFdat#Le_ca.C3.AFdat_dans_le_d.C3.A9coupage_administratif
> i know the “cercles” are “children” of  a province (parent) and
> “caidats” are “children of “cercles”.
> knowing the province has admin_level=6 and municipalities has 
> admin-level=8.
> if i use admin level=7 for “cercles” is it possible to use admin level=9
> for “caidats” or not?
> best regards
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