[OSM-talk-nl] next mapping parties

Zoran Kovacevic zoran at kovacevic.nl
Sun Mar 18 22:06:20 GMT 2007

We want to get more people involved in OSM-NL. I have the feeling that 
OSM-NL is hot right now for press. If we can get the press to promote 
our parties, we can bump up the number of attendees. I talked to Bas, he 
mentioned that magazines have room for announces/articles. Issues are 
usually made about 2 months before they hit the shelves. This means we 
have to make a plan and make it public soon.

How about defining a mapping schedule, and fill in the locations to be 
mapped afterwards? It's a bit hard to say how much time it will all take 
at this early stage. From DP application point of view, the goals are 
set to map Amsterdam, The Hague and Rotterdam. This does not mean we 
can't spend time mapping other locations (Texel anyone?).

Every month one 'official' party? Say every first weekend of the month? 
Unofficial parties can be planned around those dates. And considering 
holidays/sunshine etc. we could do it every other week in July/August.

Proposed schedule:
1. April: 7/8
2. May: 5/6
3. June: 2/3
4. July: 7/8
5. July: 21/22
6. August: 4/5
7. August: 18/19
8. September: 1/2
9. October: 6/7

(don't worry, you don't have to attend every party, unless you want to ;)

If we can get a consensus on the dates, we can start the marketing machine.

What do you think?


P.S.: I think we should also discuss how to efficiently make mappers out 
of newbies during the parties and how to get them to evangelise and 
organise their own parties :)

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