[OSM-talk-nl] GVB contacts?

Etienne Posthumus ep at epoz.org
Mon Mar 19 08:53:45 GMT 2007

On 3/19/07, Zoran Kovacevic <zoran at kovacevic.nl> wrote:
> Do you suppose GVB has coordinates for all bus/tram-stops? Does anyone
> have contacts with GVB we can use?

I hope the attitude of the GVB has changed over the years. A number of
years ago I wanted to do a tram-arrival-info SMS service. Something
like: You are standing at the tram stop, waiting for a tram, you text
the tramstop number to the service, and you get a SMS telling you how
far away the next tram is. Using OV lots back then, and always missing
my train I thought that would be really useful, and the little lists
of times at the stops never are accurate. But the GVB was SO not
interested in my idea, it was just not funny. And I was offering to do
all the programmingh and setting up of it as a public service. Oh

If the GVB is not interested in providing the stop co-ordinates for
OSM, could one flag them as part of a mapping run?


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