[OSM-talk-nl] status of (governement) street data in NL

Zoran Kovacevic zoran at kovacevic.nl
Fri Mar 23 15:29:15 GMT 2007

> ook zeer interessant:
> http://www.liaroefs.pvda.nl/renderer.do/menuId/184840/sf/184382/returnPage/184382/itemId/359994/realItemId/359994/pageId/184382/instanceId/184849/

Zeer interessant, en actueel!

Jammer dat de overgangsperiode tot 2009 is. Naar het schijnt verandert 
de kaart van Nederland 8-10% per jaar. Wellicht dat een oudere dataset 
wel eerder al vrijgegevens kan worden :S

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>> I called GVI (http://www.gvi.amsterdam.nl/) after Ante/. They map almost
>> everything there is to map in Amsterdam very accurately and regularly.
>> Parts of their data is bought (?) from electricity & water companies,
>> which makes it hard to 'give away'. They told me that GBKN
>> (http://www.gbkn.nl/) takes care of the whole of NL, except for
>> Amsterdam and some other cities that prefer to do it by themselves.
>> So I talked to GBKN. We had in interesting talk (did you know that
>> different parts of Dutch government - until very recently - sent bills
>> to each other for the use of their geo-data?). He told me that
>> Rijkswaterstaat (a.k.a. RWS: department responsible for roads/bridges in
>> NL) has a database called Nationale Wegenbestand (NWB). They are
>> planning on opening this database (initially interdepartmental, but he
>> also mentioned general public). There were some obvious objections to
>> this plan by TeleAtlas and the likes, but since RWS is the sole owner of
>> the data, it should be possible.
>> Good news: the NWB database consists of each and every street in the
>> Netherlands!
>> I am now trying to circumvent the servicedesk of the subdepartment
>> RWS-AGI (http://www.rws.nl/rws/agi/home/) in order to plea for dumping
>> the NWB data in OSM :) I'll get a call back either today or Monday. I'll
>> keep you posted on any progress.
>> Just suppose that this works out ... and what it will mean for OSM
>> server load ;)
>> Z.
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