[OSM-talk-nl] bliin gebruikt OSM

Zoran Kovacevic z.kovacevic at func.nl
Wed May 30 15:55:48 BST 2007

En zie hier een eerste (?) commerciele toepassing van OSM kaarten in 

1 of meer mensen van Bliin komen ook op de mapping party om te bespreken 
of en hoe we samen kunnen werken.

FYI: "bliin lets you share your location and geo-tagged photos from your 
handset in real-time.

You can find and follow your friends across the world and share 
experiences via your phone and over the web.

Download POCKETbliin or bliinGPSXS to show you're out there LIVE!

bliin is currently testing in public beta. Feel free to signup ... it's 
free ... we hope you enjoy it."

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