[OSM-talk-nl] Request for OpenStreetMap Stand on FOSDEM'08

Martijn van Exel mvexel at gmail.com
Sun Nov 25 15:00:35 GMT 2007

I would like to request a stand for OpenStreetMap on FOSDEM'08. Please  
find the required information below.

     * Project name


     * URL of the website of the project

Dutch blog:
Main international map site:
International Wiki:
Dutch Wiki:

     * Description of the project(s) (will be put on website when  

OpenStreetMap frees the map like Wikipedia has freed the encyclopedia!  
Our goal is to create a freely available map of the world that anybody  
can use and enhance. Initiated inthe UK in
2004, OpenStreetMap inspired many volunteers to create the best  
possible map using just an ordinary GPS device and a notepad.
The Dutch OSM Chapter consists of numerous  volunteers who are  
collaborating to create a complete, up to date, detailed and freely  
available map of the Netherlands. In mid-2007, a massive donation of  
well known map data supplier AND gave a significant boost to the  
OpenStreetMap community. As a result the Dutch OpenStreetMap now  
equals the maps of commercial suppliers like Google and Yahoo.  
However, what makes OpenStreetMap unique is it's openness: everybody  
can download and use the data for their own purpose, and everybody can  
collaboratively add and change the map to create better and more up to  
date maps. For example, among the OpenStreetMap volunteers are  
enthusiastic people adding data specific for bicycle traffic – which  
Google does not provide. Anyone can also add POIs (Points Of  
Interest). People are adding tourist information like musea, but also  
public amenities such as parking and letterboxes.
The active community of OpenStreetMap is aware of the importance of  
free information – in everybody's interest. Go take a look at www.openstreetmap.org 

     * Name of stand responsible and your role in the project

Martijn van Exel, coordinator for the Dutch Chapter.

     * A short description of the activities you plan to do on your  
stand (demoing applications, handing out information or media, ...)

Informing visitors about OpenStreetMap, showing the map (on-line if  
possible), handing out leaflets.

     * Whether you would like 2 tables in stead of one, your  
motivation for the second one.

1 table will suffice.

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