[OSM-talk-nl] Dash: New GPS Navigator Using 'Wisdom of the Crowds'

bas at softwarefreedomday.nl bas at softwarefreedomday.nl
Wed Oct 24 14:00:02 BST 2007

Beste Talk'ers,

Op http://technology.slashgeo.org/technology/07/10/22/1352227.shtml

kwam ik deze berichten over de Dash tegen:

"Dash Express, a new navigation system for automobiles that not only 
receives GPS location data, but broadcasts information about its 
travels. Information is passed back to Dash over a cellular data 
network, where it is shared with other users to let them know if there 
are slowdowns or traffic jams on the road ahead. The real benefit of the 
system isn't apparent until enough units are collecting data in a given 
area - so Dash distributed over 2,000 prototype units to test drivers in 
25 large cities."


Met vriendelijke groet,

Bas de Lange!

SoftwareFreedomDay Nederland

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