[OSM-talk-nl] AND upload running, leave the Netherlands alone for a while

Floris Looijesteijn osm at floris.nu
Wed Sep 5 22:06:59 BST 2007

sweet! keep us updated...


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Subject: [OSM-talk-nl] AND upload running,leave the Netherlands alone for a 

> Just a quick note to everyone that the AND import is running and is
> expected to take about 10 days at current speed. If people could
> refrain from editing objects in the area (The Netherlands) that would
> be appreciated. We've gone to special effort to not create things
> beyond the borders.
> Because of the delay, over the next week Netherlands is going to look
> rather empty if you render it, so people, please don't do any rerender
> requests in the area for the time being if you can manage it.
> In fact, just be patient. There's going to be nothing much to see
> until the last day or two. But when it's there it's going to look
> great. It is taking longer than we hoped but the server is busy these
> days :)
> Have a nice day,
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