[OSM-talk-nl] [OSM-dev] Potlatch & RichardF: Sorry

Stefan de Konink stefan at konink.de
Tue Mar 31 17:56:10 BST 2009

Stefan de Konink wrote:
> Could anyone with knowledge in ruby *pretty please* take a look at the 
> source code and invent some wheel that Potlatch will never 'reupdate' 
> duplicate k/v-pairs by itself.

Today RichardF informed me that 'this' feature exists for Potlatch and 
therefore the problems that are generated using 'highspeed editing' in 
relation to the current API that uses unix timestamps with second 

In general as was previously pointed out:
- it is not Potlatch 'highspeed editing' that a priori does something wrong
- theoretically even two different users could cause the same effect 
using different editors if only their request was processed at exactly 
the same time

Due to the history call not responding for the member issue in question 
that I was actually pissed of about is still unclear what the reason is 
that members were in a relation that was actually already deleted before 
the relation was updated.

Potlatch and RichardF are doing a great job to make editing available to 
the general public. And I am sorry that I currently blame their tool for 
something that is present already since API 0.5 was released. The 
promises are there that 'everything works' at 0.6.

For the coming weeks I will publish every tag/member that OSM Fixer 
caught and updates. Please ignore it if you don't want to know, read it 
if your relation, way or node was edited by me and you want to know why.

Again my apologies,

Stefan de Konink

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