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Voor diegene die bezig zijn met huisnummers: er is recent een nieuwe 
plugin toegevoegd aan JOSM. Het is nog niet perfect, maar het maakt het 
werken wel al een stuk eenvoudiger. Zie [1] voor de details.

 | The Address interpolation plugin is activated from a new entry created 
 | on the Tools / Address interpolation menu (NOT Presets / Buildings / 
 | Address Interpolation). It is also assigned the hotkey ALT + CTRL + A by 
 | default. 
 | The general workflow is to select the street and the new or existing 
 | Address Interpolation way, then invoke the Address Interpolation dialog. 
 | Here are the steps for a typical street: 
 | Draw the Address interpolation way(s) as required for the street - shown 
 | selected here. Be sure the Address Interpolation ways follow the 
 | numbering - start drawing in a direction from the lowest number towards 
 | the highest number. 
 | After the ways have been drawn, select the street and an Address 
 | Interpolation way. Only 1 street and 1 Address interpolation way can be 
 | selected as shown here. 
 | Invoke the plugin from the menu or hotkey. If the street has an 
 | 'associatedStreet' relation, that relation will be suggested for 
 | associating with the address interpolation. Otherwise, it will associate 
 | using the street name. Enter the information to describe the address 
 | interpolation strip, then press OK to apply the parameters. 
 | The new way will become an address interpolation way and be de-selected 
 | as shown here. The street remains selected - if there are more address 
 | interpolation ways, press Shift+select to select a new way and the 
 | street, then repeat the process.


[1] http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/JOSM/Plugins/AddrInterpolation

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