[Talk-nz] Editing speed limit in New Zealand

Jan Sten Adámek sten at adamek.nz
Thu Feb 28 05:49:52 UTC 2019


1 is the correct approach. Nothing means the speed limit is unknown (not 
mapped yet).


On středa 27. února 2019 11:54:11 NZDT Lacramioara Maghiar - (p) wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm writing you regarding the speed limit mapping in New Zealand.
> Specifically, how would you add the speed limit on a motorway link where the
> speed limit sign appears in the field towards the end/in the middle of the
> link? Please take a look at the following example:
> https://www.openstreetmap.org/way/624857341. Here, there is a speed limit
> sign of 60 (SL60 hereafter) in the middle of the motorway link. You can see
> the sign here: https://openstreetcam.org/details/1331961/360/track-info. In
> which way would you add the speed limit information in the above-mentioned
> case:
>   1.  maxspeed=100 until the SL60 sign and maxspeed=60 until the end of the
> link? maxspeed=100 represents the speed limit of the motorway from which
> the motorway link leaves.
> or
>   1.  nothing until the SL60 sign but maxspeed=60 starting with the
> appearance of the sign in the field?
> Many thanks!
> Lacri

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