[Talk-nz] If something has a name:mi, it should probably have a name:en

Eliot Blennerhassett eliot at blennerhassett.gen.nz
Tue Aug 27 23:26:01 UTC 2019

I've been having a discussion with a Nominatim contributor[1] about why
I'm seeing Maori names in search results

The relevant bit quoted here:

"New Zealand is listed as bilingual in Nominatim (English and Maori).
That means Nominatim will not guess the language of the 'name' tag. As
there is only a name:mi on that school but no name:en, name:mi is
considered a better match to your language preferences than the
unspecified name.

As a general rule in bilingual countries, if there is one name:xx tag,
there should be a name:xx for all language variants."

I.e. If something has a name:mi, it should have a name:en  (if there is
one), and not assume that "name" is the English name.

Such places can be found on https://overpass-turbo.eu/# by using the
wizard to search for  "name:mi=* and name:en!=*"



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