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There are a little over 50 already tagged as "amenity=marae", see
https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Tag:amenity%3Dmarae where you can
link through to a map: https://overpass-turbo.eu/s/P49

Seems a reasonable choice I reckon. Looking for loosely similar things -
schools <https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Education_features>and
places of worship <https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Church> are
tagged as amenities, but there's also boundary=aboriginal_lands
(mostly Native American). So my pick would be amenity=marae for the land
(as a way) and then tag the different buildings individualy (eg as
building=wharenui). I think it comes down to how much effort you want to
go to really.

On 18/12/2019 4:29 pm, Alan Jamieson wrote:
> *Background*
> From my experience a marae is a defined
> area, usually with clear a boundary (often
> a pallisade of some type).
> A marae usually has a name signifying
> the iwi, hapu or whanau, or the locality
> Inside the marae space are usually at
> least four delineated areas.
> Immediately from a road, a gathering
> space for visitors waiting to be welcomed.
> Through the (main) gate is the Atea, usually
> grassed
> Beyond that, usually, is the wharenui
> (meeting house). This building may have
> its own name, which is usually not directly
> related to the marae name, or not.
> Somewhere close will be the wharekai (kitchen
> and dining space). The wharekai may also
> have its own separate name, or not.
> I have described a common arrangement.
> Some marae may not have all these features,
> some may have others (for example, a health
> centre or special purpose teaching space)
> Neither the existing list of Area Features
> nor the existing drop down list of Landuses
> has anything that appears close.
> I suspect there are over 1,000 marae in New
> Zealand (in my suburban setting) I have one
> about 500 m to my north and one about 1 km
> to my south-east), mostly in the North Island.
> This question may also be relevant, with
> different names, for many countries in the
> south-west Pacific region.
> *My question*
> How to tag a marae?
> For example:
> tags for the area (eg 'landuse=marae')
> tags for defined areas within the overall
> tags for wharenui and wharekai
> anything else
> kia ora
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