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Hi Folks,


There are some flyers that have been produced in the past but personally I think they could use some modernising and updating, especially if we want to increase the profile of OSGEO Oceania and OpenStreetMap use in the region.






One centred on Oceania could be good, to both highlight achievements and to foster relationships with data suppliers – all depends on what is determined as the primary use for the brochure. Either way I think it’s a good idea.


Cheers - Phil


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Hi all,


Thrilled at the enthusiastic response to this and the range of suggestions. A bit of homework for us at the OSM Special Interest Group (OSM SIG) is to get a proper application form together shaped by your suggestions.

I'll discuss this with OSGeo Oceania's SIG which all are welcome to join. Andrew Harvey is currently co-chair, but we're looking for another co-chair for him.


To address some of the points raised:

*	@Violaine <mailto:violaine at posteo.net>  excellent idea. Definitely in scope.
*	@forster at ozonline.com.au <mailto:forster at ozonline.com.au>  I love the idea of the signs giving the story behind the tree planting more permanence. If Parks Vic approves, I would imagine the OSM SIG would approve such use of funds. Let us know if something concrete comes up around venue hire/internet. This is also within scope and we could discuss ASAP to get you what you need.
*	@Mateusz Good question and one we have not discussed in detail. My own opinion is that there should be some Oceania connection, as that is the mandate of our organisation. This could be a tool developed directly in Oceania that has global reach, or a tool developed globally that has clear benefit to end users in Oceania. 
*	@brenbarnes at gmail.com <mailto:brenbarnes at gmail.com>  every one of these is worthy. For many of these we need someone to volunteer to maintain the program. A camera grant program for Oceania would be wonderful, but we need some volunteers to help put it together. Here is an example from the <https://osmuk.org/community-projects/camera-rental/>  UK. Warin raises a good point though. I actually ran a camera grant program for a day job (Mapillary) and the lesson learned over time is that to be successful the cameras really need to be a permanent grant rather than a loan. It becomes too expensive and time consuming to ship cameras across the world, or even Oceania. The dynamics could be different for a rental program, but then someone needs to be willing to manage it.
*	I like the UK's high-vis vests <https://osmuk.org/community-projects/surveyor-hi-vis-jackets/>  idea, but I don't think I'd wear one myself. The iD of some sort along with flyers is a good idea though. If OSGeo Oceania was willing to place an initial order of 50 or so, do you think you'd be able to help design them @graeme?

I'm very keen to see how many of these brilliant ideas can be turned into concrete actions. To be perfectly honest, the main barrier here is having someone willing to put in the time to drive each initiative. Money is less of a concern and the whole point of OSGeo Oceania and our OSM group is to support initiatives like this.


The OSM SIG will follow up with a concrete platform to submit ideas, but feel free to keep them coming here in the meantime.


Happy mapping,







On Mon, 12 Jul 2021 at 21:08, Sam Wilson <sam at samwilson.id.au <mailto:sam at samwilson.id.au> > wrote:

I've also had conversations like that, and have rarely managed to convince people that I'm not peculiar. I remember one bloke found it more believable that I was collecting photos of power poles than that I was contributing to a map!

OSM UK has high-viz surveyor vests <https://osmuk.org/community-projects/surveyor-hi-vis-jackets/> , or rather instructions for how to get a work-wear company to make such a thing on order. I wonder if we could do something similar here?

But yeah, I agree that a 'official' OSM Oceania leaflet or lanyard or something would be great. I mean, I realise I could just print such a thing, but there's something better about it having some sort of community standing.



On 13/7/21 11:33 am, Graeme Fitzpatrick wrote:

Bit of an out-there idea that I've had a couple of times.


Occasionally, when doing an on-street survey in populated areas, I've thought that the sight of some random stranger walking the street making notes about the buildings that he's passing & checking out must look a bit suspicious! :-)


Once, when I was writing down shop names in a shopping centre, I've even been asked what I was doing, & explained that I was gathering details to improve local maps.


It would be "nice" if we could walk around with a photo ID, emblazoned OSM Oceania (or maybe Australia / NZ / Fiji etc etc?) dangling around our necks, as it would look a lot more "professional" & "official".


At the same time, also have some brochures produced explaining what OSM is about, what we do & how everybody can contribute, & pass them out to anybody interested.









On Tue, 13 Jul 2021 at 13:03, Brendan Barnes <brenbarnes at gmail.com <mailto:brenbarnes at gmail.com> > wrote:



Loanable equipment such as high-precision handheld GPS units for GPS traces, and Waylens or 360 degree cameras for KartaView image sequences. Similar to the equipment loan program in Europe https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/GPS_Units_for_Loan


Hardware for a loanable KartaView rig project, such as a "trekking-style" backpack for OSM hikers, or a HD multi-camera, high-precision GPS car rig.


Funding to help secure more OSM hardware hosting sponsors in the region. Currently we only have two Tile Servers, and they are both located in Melbourne, Australia.


Drone mapping infrastructure, such as a community Open Drone Map cloud server, to process orthorectified aerial imagery.



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9 Jul 2021, 03:06 by eneerhut at gmail.com <mailto:eneerhut at gmail.com> :

*	Funding for OSM related software development

What about projects that are not 

targeting specifically Oceania needs but

as useful elsewhere?


Is it going to be lower priority, with 

Oceania-focused project having a clear



Or is it not useful to even propose them?

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