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I'm Paolo.  Just started playing around with OSM.  I try to update places that are familiar to me.

Having lived for a short while overseas, I am frustrated with the postal address situation here.  I think any progress to be made in improving street/postal addresses perhaps requires having good accurate street maps as a prerequisite.

I hope we can get our government agencies to contribute data and perhaps some advocacy towards this issue.


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> Hi, you seem to have the wrong Ian.
> I am Ian Haylock not Ian Lopez :-)

Ian Lopez is also subscribed here :).

Anyway, as you all know this is a mw list for OSM Philippine
discussions.  Maybe we need a bit of introductions to those subscribed.

Let me start ...

Maning Sambale
Contributing to OSM for about 1.5 years
Motivations for joining OSM:  frustrated by the lack of free and good
geodata for the country.


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