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Tue Aug 5 13:05:04 BST 2008

I suggest we "reformulate" our Highways & Boundaries tagging. For the former, please discuss further since I do not know much of the Road & Highway classifications. For the latter, I will suggest this:

Admin level 2 = The border of the Philipines (including the Spratlys [the parts that the Philippines claim, per PD 1596] & the Scarborough (?) Shoal; excluding Sabah & Palmas islands)
Level 4 = borders of the various provinces & Metro Manila
Level 6 = Congressional districts
Level 8 = Various Cities & Towns in the Philippines.

I'm planing to buy a GPS device or possibly ask for one from fellow OSM contributors in the Philippines, since I'll join the Milo Marathon, which will be held in San Pablo City on August 24. It is a big opportunity ro map a good portion of San Pablo City. Please email me personally if you're interested in lending/borrowing me the GPS device, even for a week. Thanks in advace.

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