[talk-ph] QC administrative boundaries

maning sambale emmanuel.sambale at gmail.com
Wed Dec 3 01:15:28 GMT 2008


Thank you for the comments.

> Two, I'm referring to the Quezon City barangay borders, excuding those
> previously done.
Of course anybody can edit and improve them.  Just so others know, my
reference is a Quezon City road map from the qc website.  I've
requested the qc government both over the phone and a formal letter in
using the data for OSM.  And they said its OK.

Of course, the map is just that, a digital paper map.  So I had to
rectify, digitize and add tags for OSM.  Most of the boundaries follow
roads, stream and other landmarks.  But I explicitly created a
separate way for the boundaries for ease of editing.  Roads and rivers
may change.


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